Dialplan conflicting with internal extensions


We have extensions in the form of xxx like 201 but national numbers are in the form of xxxxx like 20123. When a user with a SNOM phone which gets its config from the FreePBX, dials 20123 then it calls 201 local extension instead.

Unfortunately i don’t know much about this system and in-country support is very limited (Vanuatu).
Can someone please explain how the call routing works?

Hi Ed,
A lot of people accomplish this with a prefix on outbound routes. In the US it’s the common “dial 9 to get out” and then making sure that none of your extensions start with 9.
I’m sure there are other ways to accomplish the same thing.

There are two places that could be screwing you up.

One is in the phone dialplan. I don’t use Snom phones, so I can’t be specific, but there are generally settings in the phone that tell is when to “fire” the dialer off. With some, it’s matching a pattern, with other’s it’s inter-press timing.

To test this, trying dialing the “national” number with the handset in the cradle. When finished press the “dial now equivalent” button. It could be picking up the handset, the “Speakerphone” button, or a “Dial” button. If the national number gets dialed, then the problem is in the phone.

If not, the problem is probably in your Asterisk extension configuration. Generally speaking, the system tries to dial the whole number when you press “Go”, so the fact that your extension numbers conflict with your local number prefix is inconvenient, but shouldn’t be this issue.

Try the “dial then connect” thing and let us know. One of the local Snom experts might also chime in while we’re waiting.

The problem is the dialplan of the phones, post here what you have configured.