DIal patterns on FreePBX Ubuntu is different from FreePBX on Distro... Wizard is broken on both

I have one system running with Asterisk on Ubuntu 14.04 (let’s call it Open) and another running 13.0.182 on the FreePBX Distro. Under outbound routes, Dial Pattern, the Open version shows an empty box that allows text entry OR, if you click Dial Pattern Wizards, it comes up with a page that attempts to autogenerate patterns based on selections such as NPA-NXX, tollfree, international etc.
However instead of the empty box, the Distro version shows a formatted page with multiple lines of four fields each for Prepend, Prefix, Match Pattern, and Caller ID.

  1. Given they are (almost) the same version number why are these different?
  2. The Distro version (formatted page) is much more useful, how can I get that in the Open version of FreePBX?
  3. In both versions, the “Wizard” generates, depending on options chosen, a varying number of lines containing:
    [object Object]
    That doesn’t appear to actually do anything - is this a bug or am I missing something?

IIRC, there’s an “advanced settings” option that turns the “old style” box on and off. Check that first.

Thank you so much Dave - that’s it! The formatted screen is there and the wizard works now.