Dial Pattern: Convert 001 to 1 but redial 001

US trunks like sip.us need numbers to start on 1. Using them from abroad requires dialing 001.

Dial pattern:
prepend 1, prefix 001, match .
…works, but redial will fail for the missing 00.

Am I getting something wrong?

Prepend - This is add digits to the beginning of the number presented.
Prefix - These are the digits to strip from the number presented.

So that route will only match if I sent 0013135551212 then it’s going to take it and make it 3135551212 by stripping the 001 and then making it 13135551212 by prepending the 1.

Thanks very much Tom!

Turns out with this pattern, re-dialing fails because of the leading zeroes missing.

To rephrase my question: Can the call log be made to store the number dialed rather than the number altered by the dial pattern?

Do you mean dialing of an inbound missed call?

I`m using Applications -> Set CallerID to add an 0 to inbound callers. So that when i press dial back, the 0 is added on the outbound number

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