Dial extensions limited by directory

Hi, basically, I’m running multiple businesses on the same system, so I want to keep them separate. If someone calls and means to dial ext 101 and presses 201 it will ring another business. I found this post about restricting it, but doesn’t seem to work (IVR Setup - Enable Direct Dial (limit to Directory context))

How could this be done?

Works fine for me.

In the IVR Extension Drop-down make sure to select which Directory you want to add.

Good luck.

That only works if the call is being routed to a Directory. What happens if a transfer is misdialed? FreePBX is not designed, in any way, to be a multi-tenant system. To keep your “tenants” from cross-dialing each other you have to write custom dialplan for ALL for them to control what contexts and access they actually have and any other needed things.

You want to multi-tenant FreePBX properly you’re looking at some serious time investment. Otherwise, you’re just going to always have an issue with your “tenants” having access to everything on the PBX.

The default “User Group” and Contacts list is everyone on the PBX, XMPP chats can be sent to any user with XMPP, dialing *98 to access VoiceMail or any method in which the VoiceMail App prompts for a mailbox; they can enter any mailbox they want. The Phonebook and Speed Dial entries are GLOBAL. If tenant A wants to 23 as a speed dial but Tenant B already is using it, they can’t have it. If they dial *1023 (the speed dial code) tenant A will get Tenant B’s speed dial entry.

The global TRANSFER and CALLFORWARD contexts are [from-internal-additional] which means Transfers and Call Forwarded calls will be pushed through the standard dialplan like normal.

Not to mention the basic concept of “Multi-Tenant” is either 1) the system is partitioned in some way to keep the “tenants” isolated and thus can have their own specific configs across the board. 2) The system uses a [email protected] layout, which is the most common method for SIP. Asterisk (non-RealTime), especially FreePBX, does not do this. The PBX has ONE DOMAIN so calls and SIP messages from the PBX will always appear from a single “tenant” in the grand scheme.

Can this be done on FreePBX? Yes, it can. To do it properly though you pretty much have to think of FreePBX as just a tool in the background that does some general and repeative stuff for you. You have to customize it a lot to make it do real Mutil-Tenant stuf and you have to bypass a lot of the general stuff it does.

I switched to FusionPBX off a recommendation last night and I can’t say enough good about it. Aside from the biggest plus which is completely separate multi-tenant, there are at LEAST 10 things that I’m amazed by the difference. Terminating my FreePBX instances and never looking back!

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