How to setup two PSTN sip on one FreePBX ? And how to route?

Hi Support,

We use freepbx in our environment . And now , we changed our schema . So I encountered the following questions :

  1. We need to setup two PSTN sip trunk on one FreePBX . Can this be achieved?
  2. If yes , we want to know how to setup inbound route and outbound route ?
  3. Can the extensions will be transferred by inbound or outbound in different SIP trunks ?

If any questions , please let me know .


  1. Yes, you can setup many trunks. Wiki:

  2. Inbound Route Wiki & Examples:
    Outbound Route Wiki & Examples:

  3. Not sure what you are asking here.

Hi Comtech,

Thanks for your reply . Let me take an example here :

  1. Extensions 170001 to 170005 :
    a.Outbound by Trunk 1 ;
    b.If someone call in , can inbound route only transfer to one of these 5 extensions ?
    2 Extensions 170006 to 170010 :
    a.Outbound by Trunk 2 ;
    b.If someone call in , can inbound route only transfer to one of these 5 extensions ?

No, I believe they would be able to reach any of the extensions on the switch.

To use different outbound routes for different extensions, use commercial COS module or the CallerID field in dial patterns as described here:

I don’t understand your question about inbound route.
An inbound route points to whatever you want it to.
Extension, IVR, etc.

Hi Avayax,
Thanks for your reply . Sorry about my description.

I mean :
We have 6-digit extensions which begin with 17 and 18 .
We have 2 inbound routes .
When we call to one of the inbound routes from PSTN , it can be transferrd to IVR .
In IVR , we enabled “Enable Direct Dial” , so that we can dial to extension directly .
But now ,we don’t need to transfer to extensions begin with 18 .
Do you know how to setup ?


Use different directories for your extensions:

Thanks for your help

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