DHCP Option 66: Provisioning URL?

I have purchased End Point Manager (as part of the System Builder Basic bundle) and am trying to configure our DHCP Server’s (running on Windows Server 2012) option 66 “Boot Server Host Name” setting. I’ve read through the EPM Wiki and searched the forums but for the life of me can’t find info on the provisioning URL. TFTP is enabled in the System Admin module and I have the “Internal IP Address” set to my FreePBX server IP address in EPM Global Settings. I also have created a template for a Grandstream GXP2130. What should I be using for the provisioning URL in my DHCP Server option 66 config?

Thanks – Steve

Provisioning URL could be an IP Address or name of the server. My TFTP is on the Same Server as my deployment, so I just point it to the name of the Deployment Server, provided your equipment has access to a DNS server to do its name to IP resolution. Just give it an IP address and see if it works. It just provides the address to where your boot server is.

Option 066 Boot Server Host Name name.yourserver.com
Option 066 Boot Server Host Name 10.x.x.x

Excellent. Thanks for the help.

Not that you’ve done it, but in the past, I’ve seen people try to set things like this up without realizing that the address they want to use should be a routable (usually internal) address for your server. A couple of entries that I’ve seen people use on these that don’t work are “” and “”. Their thinking usually follows the lines of “I want the files off the TFTP server, which is the same as my Asterisk server, so I’ll use” or “I used to configure Asterisk, so I’ll use that here.”

Dicko’s advice is precisely correct, and if I hadn’t spent two hours this weekend trying to help one of my customers with this specific problem, I wouldn’t have mentioned it.

Exactly, seen that happen myself. Never use a loopback address, I would not even use it on the same server if I can help it. lol