Device and User Mode problem

When I setup one user with more than one device (each device pointing to same user) for a reason the following was noted (all devices setup in PJSIP mode):

  • sometimes a device will not be reachable (gives busy tone if called) if the second device is not registered on the server (disconnected)
  • if both devices are registered then both phones will ring

Im using FreePBX 12.0.13 on Asterisk 13.0.1

any ideas?

PJSip has an option for simultaneous registrations called ‘Max Contacts’. You don’t need to run in device and user mode if you want to have more than one PJSIP device registered to the same extension, it ‘just works’ with FreePBX 12, as you would expect it to work.

You can check the registrations with ‘pjsip show endpoints’ on the Asterisk CLI

I would stay away from Device and User mode. So few people use it, I would consider it unsupported.

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If you’re using PJSIP, I don’t think that you need device and user mode. PJSIP supports multiple registrations to the same extension # if you modify the max_contacts field.

I haven’t messed with FreePBX 12 and Asterisk 13 yet, but I’m learning about PJSIP now… :slight_smile:

For clarity sakes use the name in the FreePBX GUI which is “Max Contacts” not “max_contacts”

So, if I understand this correctly, using PJSIP I will not need to be using “deviceanduser” and revert back to using “extensions” and then use the “Max Contacts” for each extension, and this will allow me to register “x” number of devices to each extension?

Just to clarify why I used “deviceanduser”, it was to bind 1 user’s extension number to more than one device, instead of having to make “Ring Groups” or so.

Yes. PJSIP is the solution to your problems.

I now switched back to “extensions” and set the “Max Contacts” to 2, and this is what I get:

  • both devices register and i can see them as contacts in Asterisk Info PJSIP Channels report
  • I can dial out from both devices
    - I can not be reached by anyone when called?

I think its solved, had to remove the extension and recreate it again … will test some more and report

It seems that the problem still exists. When I remove the account and re-create it, it works for a while and then hangs again. For some phones they can dial but when called it just hangs, and for others its the other way around.

Any ideas how to trace this problem?

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Thank you Andrew … will keep it in mind … been busy with some other issues and haven’t been tracking how it went so far

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