Desktop dialing

I have been using FreePBX for a while, and I am generally quite happy with it. One thing I would like to be able to is to highlight a number (for example I would like to just highlight the phone number I get with a voice message from Asterisk and be able to dial it from my PC). I looked through a lot of options by googling “asterisk click to dial”, but most of these are for web browsers, and I am not sure if they would work with emails in Outlook, or if I could highlight any number and have it dialed. And I don’t want to install and de-install dozens of add-ons into various browsers to test this.

Does anybody have an idea where I could find something like this, that works and is malware-free?


Thanks, but I am not looking for 20 seats …

How many are you looking for? Just yourself?

At the moment I am only looking for myself, yes.