Deny external calling from extension


The system I’m running:

AsteriskNOW 1.50 - fully updated as of 11.08.10

Additional installation tweaks by following this tutorial:


Running on a TranquilPC with 2GB RAM, 1.6GHz CPU, 160GB SATA HD

Please accept my apologies if this has been addressed in another post. Having searched I came across this post: but was hesitant to install the module described in case it hosed my pbx.

What I would like to achieve is the ability to block an extension making external calls, whilst still allowing it to make and receive calls to and from all the other extensions.

Is there a way to do this?



First you’ll need to create a dummy trunk. Do it as a “Custom” trunk. In the “Custom Dial String” you can put anything from a bunch of random characters to a string that will call an extension, play an announcement, or go to a local time/temp number.

You’ll then have to create an outbound route to point to that trunk.

The pattern match string will be like this:

to stop 1+ numbers

1./(restricted extension number)

You’ll then point this outbound route to the dummy trunk.

You need to make sure this route is properly placed. You’ll want to place it after your Emergency and Toll Free (1800) routes and before any other routes.


Bill, you’re a superstar, thank you - worked like a charm!


Don’t thank me…
Phillippe showed me how to do this.


I would like to be able to deny putbound calls from being made unless a password or override code is entered.
First how do I disable outbound outside calling?
Second, how do I enable a password to over ride this block?

  1. Read this thread.
  2. In the outbound route you create, insert a password
  3. point the route to the appropriate trunk.


Will this block outbound calls on all extentions or only the few I want to block them on?

My goal is to not allow outbound call to be made on some extentions not all extentions. I do not want other extentions to have to dial a code to access an outside line.

Only the extensions intercepted by the restricted route.

Do exactly what was described in the post above except assign a PW to the newly created route and then point it to the appropriate trunk.


Same problem for me out here and it was solve finally by bumping into this thread. Thanks guys!

You can do this on an extension by extension basis by creating a custom context using the custom context module and adding this to extensions you wish to bar.

You can entirely deny the outgoing route or you can use rules to be more selective, you could for example allow 911 and local area code and deny everything else. It is very versatile so the sky is practically the limit.