"Default locales" form is being shown in freepbx 13

We have customized freepbx 13 (centos, php5.4) and deployed it before a couple of years. It was running fine until today. Today, suddenly we got “Default locales settings” screen after logging in to the application. We have created 2 languages i.e, English and Thai. We got this screen earlier when we installed freepbx and logged in for the first time. Then we updated the setting by selecting the appropriate language and time zone. Today, after updating existing time groups (which has been created before a long time) we are getting this issue. I am not sure if updating time groups was behind this issue because we never got this issue before while performing any actions on GUI including managing the time groups. After doing some RnD I observed that method “oobeRequest()” inside admin\modules\soundlang\Oobe.class.php is calling that page. But unable to find how this method is being invoked.

Can some one help me out to replicate / fix the issue…

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