Deactivate voicemail with codec

Hello and be nice with me, im very new on this topic so maybe this is something discussed and I sound noob jejejejejeje.

I would like to know if there any codec or any form to activate/deactivate the voicemail from the telephone or with having to sign up in the web page, as there is a codec for follow me if there is another for the voicemail.

thanks in advace

I assume you mean code not codec , as such the “feature code” page will hopefully help, no you cant activate/deactivate voicemail with a code , but you can subvert the default forwarding to voicemail as needed with all the “call forward” codes on that page.

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Or point in your extension advanced settings to a call flow control and use that “feature code” whether to allow callers reaching your voicemail or the second destination you specified in CFC.

As per the OP, he apparently, by interpretation, wants to do that from the telephone without having to login in to the GUI

Thanks for your answer! Leaving apart my errors, you understood me very well reading this answer and the other one!! so thank you very much i really appreciate it. At the end i could manage to apply the config i wanted with that codes

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