Daylight Saving Problem

Over the weekend all Sangoma phones started to display time one hour behind, however no changes were made and DST update is still a week away. This affects all Freepbx and PBXact customers and I tried upgrading phones to the latest 1.50 ( firmware on different distros, but it made no difference.

Templates on the phones have Regional set correctly, using with end date for DST set to the first week of November.

Phones are mostly S700 and S705.

NTPD is running on the server and Freepbx and PBXact distros are set to the correct time so it’s only the phones with the wrong time.

If I login directly to the phone via browser, I can change the DST to Auto from Enable and this will fix the time to display correctly. However, there is no “Auto” option available though EPM and I’m not going to login to every phone to make this change.

Anyone see this and have a possible solution?

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Did you update EPM? I know on yealinks the time has been off since they added the ability to customize the exact date for DST. Idk if its been fixed or not in the latest updates.

I’m having exact same issue.

All my Sangoma phones are 1 hour off. DST is setup correctly in EPM, and time is otherwise correct in the PBX itself. Logging into web portal of the phones and setting DST to “AUTO” also immediately fixes the problem like you stated.

I may make a custom basefile edit to force it to auto, hoping there is an easier global fix rather than editing each and every system and config file flavor, but that might be the way forward here.

We’re on FBPX and Asterisk 13.22.0. EPM Sangoma Phone Firmware (S500 and S700) and (S705).

I opened a ticket with support Ticket 844743

Actually, I don’t see a parameter to force DST to Auto in the basefile. There goes that idea.

Similar issue, with workaround that may suffice

Thanks to Mudassir at Sangoma I believe I have the fix. On my EPM template for the phone, Regional tab has start and End Days, on Sunday. Changing them so Start is March, Second Week, Monday (instead of Sunday) corrected the problem.

Actually, there is an entry in the basefile to fix this, I found P75 is the DST on/off value, but no documented option for “auto”, so I just tried setting it to 2 and blamo. Leave all other options as they were.

Edit Parameter 75 and set it to 2


P75 recommendation was a huge time saver. I had the same issue and spent some time trying to fix and had no luck until I changed P75=2 and every one is now happy. Thanks for sharing!

Has anyone submitted a ticket to Sangoma so that the hover button can be fixed? Using an undocumented setting in the phone to solve this common a problem, is (in and of itself) a problem…

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@bmartindcs seemed to indicate he opened a ticket.

I have a ticket open and was told to change the Daylight Saving Schedule Start Day and End day on the Regional Tab from Sunday to Monday. This fixed the problem.

However, my ticket was updated today to include the P75 basefile edit fix.

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What is the number, for reference.


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My Sangoma Ticket (844743) was closed after they responded with the very thing I found above (P75 to 2). They also recommended changing the DST start day to Monday (instead of Sunday), but that’s not a proper fix in my opinion. P75 is a better work-around.

They also said that they have an internal ticket on their end to globally fix the problem. Not sure what their “perm” fix will do to us that have put in the P75 bandaid.

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