Can't get phones to sync ntp after converting to EPM

So this may be related or it may not be. I just updated to the commercial EPM but when I reconfigure phones under the new system they don’t sync the clock (Polycom 560 and Yealink w52p both show this). the network hasn’t changed, and the phones that don’t have the new configs yet don’t have the issue (but with the DST change people are getting annoyed, so I’m a little under the gun). The time server is the same on both new and old machines, the network hasn’t changed at all. The FreePBX server’s ntp is syncing, but the phones aren’t really odd.

Any suggestions?

For a temporary fix, point your time server in your EPM template to your provisioning server.

That worked. Really odd, but I’m fine with it. Any reason not to keep that as a permanent fix?

I have 1 deployment operating fine like that, I would just keep it that way. Mark it as solved if you comfortable with it.