Dashboard Users online/offline Statistics

Running FreePBX and when reviewing Users offline statistics it claims 40 which is odd seeing I only have 24 extensions. Every metric within asterisk also show 24 extensions. Where does the dashboard module get this number?

fyi, i opened this ticket a while ago, but have not seen any movement. the issue is also present on 14.


I think this may be an issue within the User Manager module. It was after submitting a change there that the number skewed.

Turns out Zulu was the culprit. Even though I have 24 extensions and no zulu licenses, it decided to assign all 24 extensions an equivalent zulu extension. I disabled zulu in the user manager and all is ok.

Jim, nice catch, but it seems like you should not have to disable zulu for the stats to be right.

I agree, but at least it is now accurate. Until they fix it of course. (hint… hint)