Dashboard / Elycharts popping up an error when window resized

This is actually happening ever since Dashboard stats started using Elycharts.
(currently in Moz Build of Firefox, ver 42, under Debian Wheezy + bpo),
(FreePBX, Dashboard 12.0.33)

Steps to reproduce:

  • open the Dashboard in a tab ( i have it in a pinned tab to preserve across browser shutdowns)

  • change the window size (like, maximize, minimize, drag the edge etc.)

  • An error modal dialog pops up:
    ElyCharts ERROR: chart type is not specified

  • sometimes pops up twice;

  • i can’t see anything in the FF’s Inspect windows / logs that would lead to this. (in fact there just is NOTHING there, it’s blank, when I try inspecting the Dashboard page)

  • yes I understand it may be Elycharts not Dashboard problem… and therefore not the right forum to bring this up… but just wondering if anyone else can repro this.

I wanted to post that I am seeing this same issue as well.

Have Dashboard open in a tab, resize window and get multiple popups. Today I got 12 popups from one resizing.

Working just fine in Chrome.

Was going to say ‘so us Firefox users are out of luck… duh?’ but I blurred it :slight_smile: because I should probably try to take this to the Elycharts people :wink: