Dashboard always shows "1 active call" -- but there isn't

Running FreePBX 13.0.70/Asterisk 13. Dashboard constantly reports one active call, even though there are no active calls. Nothing suspicious in the Asterisk log, CDR log or CDR events. Any idea what’s going on?

From the Asterisk CLI

core show channels verbose

should identify the channel.

(from bash,

rasterisk -x ‘core show channels verbose’


Thank you!

The channel is my Cisco SPA8800, which interfaces to an Ooma. The odd thing the SPA8800 is reporting that a phone is off-hook when it’s not. The trouble is clearly the SPA8800 and not FreePBX.

Thanks again for the help.

You can always from the asterisk CLI

channel request hangup (tab)

that should expose all open channels, choose the right one and it should do exactly that. As to how The SPA and the Ooma interact as you see that is another problem.

I think in the SPA you can force disconnect after so many seconds of silence . . . Ideally you will find a mutually compatible signaling schema between the two, probably start with the Ooma reliably recognizing line hangup conditions on the PSTN connection (there are many possibilities depending on where you are and how the PSTN line is provisioned, generically most ATA’s will work with NANP landlines by default but if you are not that privileged . . . .)

Thanks, dicko. I just checked, and there is a setting for detecting PSTN silence. I’ve just enabled it. The problem was with the Ooma – it simply never disconnected after the hangup. A hard reboot of the Ooma solved it.

That reboot would work until the same condition reoccurs, you need to verify that the Ooma properly detects a remote disconnect (hangup) reliably, in what country are you operating in?

I’m in the United States.

Then I’m surprised :slight_smile: is your provider a RBOC/CLEC or are you out in the boonies? Either way, confirm with your phone company that they are provisioning “far end disconnect supervision/CPC” on the line.