D80 phones suddenly no longer fetching their config

(Kombi1) #1

this morning, with no change to the system or the phones whatsoever, all D80 phones no longer fetch their configuration from the server.

The server is found though, supposedly through avahi but at the place where usually all configured extensions are displayed, nothing happens.

I was under the impression that as with all other phones an XML file containing the configuratioin is fetched by the phones via TFTP. Why would D80 phones stop downloading that?

Help or hints greatly appreciated as most of the office is defunct now.


(Lorne Gaetz) #2

What version of DPMA? From the Asterisk console:

> digium_phones show version
Digium Phone Module for Asterisk Version 18.0_3.6.3

(Kombi1) #3

Digium Phone Module for Asterisk Version 13.0_3.6.0

That is a few versions behind the one you cited. Will updating solve the issue?

Reading the link now… sigh…

(R. Stindl) #4

Yes, it will…
You can update the whole system (system updates) or just update dpma:

(Kombi1) #5

OMG, so simple! If only I hadn’t bricked one phone trying to reset it…

followed https://support.digium.com/community/s/article/Digium-phone-is-stuck-reconfiguring when deseperately trying to solve the issue.

Does anyone know how to un-brick a D80?

(R. Stindl) #6

What did you do? This?
How can a user perform a factory reset before the UI loads?

The D80 can be factory reset by pressing and holding for 7 seconds any three corners of the screen during the boot process when the white Digium logo and spinner are shown.

(Kombi1) #7

trying it now… (it’s a Sangoma logo now…:wink:

I must have bricked it hard connecting it to a power supply other than PoE. What is the polarity on that round socket? Tip = plus, ring = minus ?

Other than that, you guys are GOLD!

(R. Stindl) #8

I think it doesnt matter if it’s a Digium or a Sangoma logo. If the phone starts and shows you any logo, the polarity is ok…I am sure :wink:

(Kombi1) #9

that is absolutely right! Tried the three corner hack a few times now, but to no avail.

I wonder what else I could do… Maybe I’ll take a look inside

(R. Stindl) #10

It’s no hack…it is from the official FAQs written by the famous Malcolm Davenport himself :wink:

I wouldn’t open it. Do you still have warranty?

(Kombi1) #11

void now!:slight_smile:

I give up for today, thanks very much guys!

(R. Stindl) #12

Sorry to hear…by the way the manual you followed is from 2015…the D80 wasn’t invented back then. The text applies to older Digium phones…

(Malcolm Davenport) #13

@kombi1 is fixed. private correspondence has provided assistance.

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