D80 and Digium Phone Config

Any word on when the Digium Phone Config module will support the new D80 phone?

The current module (13,0,5) partially works in that you can set the extension, but not much else.

That would be a question for Digium.as they are the owners and maintainers of that module not FreePBX project.

Yup, that’s on us. We’re not there yet. It’ll take updates to the Add-on. The phone itself (firmware 1.3.2.x) and DPMA (as of 3.4.1) are in good shape.

Any timeline for this update?

Be aware that with he discontinuance of the D70, there is no valid, working replacement.

No timelines to post. When we’re ready, we’ll make note of it.

Thanks for the notice of awareness.

We are in that boat of “Ok, now what…” We have deployed 2 FreePBX systems in the last year using the D70’s, and D45’s. We have a new building getting ready to open and I was getting ready to configure a system for it but can no longer purchase the D70. I have a demo of the D80, and the D65 and cant get the D80 to work with FreePBX, but it’s limited as there is no WebUI. So I am one of those who is anxiously awaiting support. =)

Thanks for what you guys do!


Try, now in Edge [1].


[1] - https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/Edge+vs+Stable

Great! Thanks for getting this updated so quickly.

The contacts and favourites work now!

The PARK button does not appear to work on the D80 though, but that is more of a hindrance than a showstopper. Where can one open bug reports on the digium_phones config?

I don’t find that to be the case. What version of DPMA are you running?

DPMA 3.4 corrected its behavior w.r.t. setting up park and the D80. Versions prior to that would exhibit an unlit parking button in all cases.

The current version is 3.4.1.

I was running 3.2.2 - latest version as given by Digium’s DPMA download selector (http://my.digium.com/en/docs/DPMA/dpma-download/).

I found 3.4.1 directly from your download site and used that version and park now works.


ack…the auto updating on the download selector is broken. We’ll fix that.

It’s been fixed.

Rather than start a new thread, I thought it was appropriate to continues this existing one since it is related…

I have recently obtained some Digium D80 phones to run alongside the existing D60 units.
I have the Digium Phone module installed on FreePBX

Basically I need to do firmware updates on the D80’s as they have various versions, and one is 1_1_2 which is quite early and seems to have some issues.
The Digium Phones Config module is version and only shows me an entry for firmware package_2_6_6 (which is the latest for everything other than the D80).
I believe I need to get firmware package 1.8.8 loaded in order to support the D80.

The Digium Phones module is otherwise working, as I have been able to deploy a Company logo to the D80.

I have DPMA 3.4.3 and Digium Add-ons, with Digium Phones Config

Any help would be gratefully received.

Scroll down. You should see “1_8_8 2018-06-19 for: D80”

As additional information…
Traditionally, phones attached to DPMA have their web UIs disabled, to prevent any web config changes made by the user interfering with any server-provided configuration elements. Given that, for phones that are so-attached (DPMA+Asterisk, for example), you can, beginning with firmwares 1_4_1 for the D80 and 2_2_1_7 for other models, browse to http://[ip of phone]/firmware and, after logging in with admin and with the phone’s web UI password, change-out the firmware on a phone-by-phone basis. This is possible unless you’ve got the server enforcing a firmware otherwise - if you’ve selected a firmware for a phone via the phones-addon for FreePBX, and it’s not blank, then you’re enforcing a firmware.

Thanks for the reply…
I am looking at the Digium Phones Module, Firmware… I don’t see any scroll down or way of adding a firmware package.

I did try accessing the web config, but I believe since my firmware is not current ( and 1.1.2), it dosen’t have that functionality.

On the version 1.1.2 it responds to a port 80 request, with “Hello world!”
On version I do see a web page, saying " Access to this Web User Interface has been disabled."… but when I look in the Digium module on FreePBX I see that no firmware file is enforced, and the web interface IS enabled.


Click the “Check for Updates” button.
You’ll see a pop-up window.
Click the drop-down selector below “Select firmware to download.”
Look for 1_8_8.


I get an error when I check for updates.
I know this used to work as you can see I have managed to install version 2.6.6 (and a few others, since cleaned up and deleted).

Status window comes up with some php.


extract from that is shown below…

Whoops \ Exception \ ErrorException (E_WARNING)
file_get_contents(http://downloads.digium.com/pub/telephony/res_digium_phone/firmware/dpma-firmware.json): failed to open stream: Connection timed out

Click Here Report this to the PBX bug tracker
Stack frames (4)

And for clarity, I can access that json file from my web browser here with no issue.

Interestingly, I get thesame/similar issue when trying to access the Digium Addons item in the admin menu.

Whoops \ Exception \ ErrorException (E_WARNING)

file_get_contents(http://downloads.digium.com/pub/telephony/addons.json): failed to open stream: Connection timed out

I can ping downloads.digium.com from the FreePBX server command line without issue.