D65 Call Pickup Monitoring

Wondering if there is a way for a D65 phone to see incoming caller ID for other extensions like BLF Monitoring.
I have a D65 with sidecar and the BLFs will do a rapid blink when there is an incoming call on a different ext, whereI can do a long press to pick up the call. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to have the caller ID display of this incoming call. It doesn’t do much good to see who has an incoming call if I can’t see who is actually calling.
Is there something I missed on the config for this?

I think this doesnt work (yet) with freePBX. It might work with Switchvox or PBXact.

It does not. There’s no capability in that telephone to receive the calling party information on a presence or device state notify to then render it into the user interface. As those telephone models (Sangoma’s D-Series) have reached end of sale, we’re not adding new features into them.

Will it work with the P370 or P330 and freePBX?

No. Those telephones also don’t implement such a capability.
iirc, the implementation in Asterisk to pass that data was handled in the dialog-info package. Sangoma D and P-Series phones only support pidf+xml.
We’re not going to go implement dialog-info in the desk phones. It’s not a small task.
For the people that wanted that kind of data (exactly what’s going on with other users), we directed them to Switchvox - that data was expressed in Switchvox’ Switchboard.


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