BLF Monitoring/Visual Alert on Sangoma P-series Phones

Please tell me this is being developed. All of my customers who previously used Sangoma S-series phones grew accustomed to the BLF monitoring (BLF Visual Alert), and REALLY miss it on the P-series phones. According to another forum post I dug up, it sounds like Sangoma has no plan on implementing this features into FreeBPX for the P-series phones. How are other staff in the office supposed to pick up the administrative assistant’s extension when she is at lunch (her extension is the destination of the inbound route)? This is what I would consider a fundamental feature. Just a blinking BLF key (if it can at least do that) is not enough because that doesn’t tell you who the calling party is. You may not want to pick up a vendor call for another extension; just let it roll to the admin’s voicemail.

Thanks for any and all help. I have one customer I moved from an old Samsung PBX to FreePBX 16 with Sangoma P-series phones, and another customer that I’m slowing replacing Sangoma S-series phones as they die with Sangoma P-series, and they heavily relied on this feature.

Here is the forum post where a forum elder mentioned that this was a feature that likely would not be implemented for the P-series phones:

With @mdavenport recent departure from Sangoma I am not sure anyone else who will see this can give you an official response beyond @lgaetz since @dolesec is also no longer with Sangoma.

What? Since when?

I heard the news yesterday.

I’m a full time IT manager, but also have my own full service IT MSP business on the side. I currently have 6 FreePBX deployments of various sizes ranging from a company with just a few extension/phones to one with over 50 extensions/phones at 6 locations in two states. We also use FreePBX at my day job with over 300 extensions/phones. I’ll be moving another customer within a year from an old NEC PBX to FreePBX.
With all of that said, some of the rumblings I’ve seen on the forum make me concerned about the future of FreePBX. I absolutely love the platform, but I would like the peace of mind knowing that future development and feature implementation are not going to stall out. I hope the higher ups at Sangoma have not lost the vision of what FreePBX is all about.

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Hi Kevin

This feature is not on the roadmap at present, but it being contemplated. As a general guideline, we do strive to provide feature parity with previous Sangoma desk phones. To save you from asking, there is no ETA at the moment.

As far as staff goes, it’s a large company, people are coming and going continuously. It doesn’t change the fact that those working on FreePBX and related products do so in teams. Individual departures obviously have an effect on the team, but not on long term strategy.

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