Cut off voicemails from Transfers

We have a new installation that has been running great after some tweaks! Once complaint a user has mentioned is when people call his phone direct, people can leave their voicemail and will not get cut off. They can leave long voicemails. When someone calls into the main number and is transferred to his extension and it goes to voicemail, it seems the voicemail gets cut off after about 30 seconds. Has anyone seen this issue before and know of a fix? Thanks in advance!

BTW, this is FreePBX 14 with all the latest patches and yum upgrades.

Confirm that your /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf file contains

If that’s not it, try setting (in Asterisk SIP Settings) rtpkeepalive to 10.

If still no luck, post log of a failed call.

Also, remember that there is a Maximum Message length setting in your Voicemail Setup. I set mine at 30 seconds to keep spammers from calling and leaving hour-long voicemails.

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