Customize incoming caller name and caller ID

Hello everyone,
I have FreePBX with Asterisk Ver. 11.14.1

What i am trying to do is edit the caller id of the incoming call to the name of the actual caller.

for example: When Bob calls, instead of displaying bob’s phone number, i want it to display “Bob”.

I’m just wondering if there is an option somewhere where i could set 555-5555 to display “Bob” instead of the number.


CallerID Superfecta. Match incoming CID to names from dozens of different sources.

how does that work?
how can i test it?

I think a very simple way is to just use the phonebook (Admin > Asterisk Phonebook) as the CID source to map a number to a name. Add the name and number to the phonebook and specify Phonebook as the CID source on the inbound route.