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Customers in the Queue when we close


We’re open until 6, and incoming calls go to the night IVR after 6, but we have a problem when a customer calls in at 5:55 and waits in queue until after we close.
I don’t want to hang up on him, or worse, leave him in queue waiting after everyone has left.
The obvious solution, “stay late and take his call” is not always feasible.

I’m interested in how others are handling this.

(Jared Busch) #2

It is either feasible, or not something you care about. That simple really.

(TheJames) #3

When you close at 5 you must expect people to show up at 4:59. You can stop accepting new calls at 4:45 and set that expectation.

(Preston McNair) #4

There are some options available for “Leave Empty” settings in your queue,

Alternatively you can set a maximum wait time, and if no one answers then route them to a monitored voicemail box or alternative destination. The voice mail notification add-on is a great use in this case as it provides management notification of the missed call and escalates the VM to multiple people until someone takes ownership of the callers situation.

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