Custom Voicemail Recording

Hi Guys,

I’ve done quiet a bit of research into this and haven’t really found anything that is helpful. All I want to do is be able to play a custom voicemail greeting prior to leaving a message.

I’ve tried to obvious, creating a recording, then announcement setting the announcement destination to an extension. And then setting the unavailable and busy etc to the announcement destination. Basically all it does after that is constantly loop the message, doesn’t allow you to actually leave a message. If I set the destination for unavailable and busy etc to the default it plays default asterisk message extension xxx isn’t available please leave a message after the tone.

Kinda at a loss here. Thanks in advance.

Just record your “custom” announcement when you setup your voicemail box.

It’s all in the wiki

What about if I’ve already got the recordings (because professionally prepared, for instance)?
How do I connect that recording instead of having to record one via the telephone?

You can upload sound files in UCP for VM greetings.

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