Custom UCP-URL in outgoing emails and translations

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I’m using FreePBX’ UCP behind a reverse proxy, which does neat things like TLS, IDS/IPS and stuff.
So far so good, problem being the URLs sent by FreePBX in outgoing mails to users.
Internally, UCP is being accessed by http://freepbx.[domain].dom:81, however - from the outside world it’s https://ucp.[domain].com. FreePBX, of course, doesn’t know about that and sends mails containing the local dns name to users.
In the User Management -> Settings-Tab, I’ve configured the Hostname to be https://ucp.[domain].com, however in the mail it’s being sent as http://ucp.[domain].com:81 - which obviously leads to absolutly nothing.

How do I change that so mails contain the correct URL?

Also, little sidequestion: Mail translations are missing some important stuff. Is there a way to add custom translations to strings like “Password Reset Link (Valid Until: […]”?

is your reverse proxy proxying tcp:81 correctly ? You can re-write ip and ports as much as you want. What exactly is your 'reverse proxy?

Nope, that’s the whole point.
UCP is accessible from outside on https://ucp.[domain].com. Port 443, tcp. The reverse proxy proxies this internally to the PBX:

At no point is the PBX aware of the fqdn and port and that’s the problem. Where do I configure the correct domains inside Freepbx, so it get’s used for emails?

Let’s back up a couple of steps, exactly how are you ‘reverse proxying’ anything?

That does not not matter. He has a working reverse proxy on his public IP, routing to http://ip:81. Enough said.

@Quafi Sounds like the voicemail notification? That is setup here:

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Hey @sorvani, thank you! But unfortunately I’m not talking about Voicemail notifications (sorry for not clarifying that enough), but rather mails sent by the user management module - like those sent to new users or password reset mails.
For the first one, you can change the template a bit under User Management -> Settings. However, even if the hostname there is specified correctly as https, Freepbx changes it to
Same goes for password reset mails (for which I couldn’t find any place to modify the templates).

Since translations are sometimes missing aswell, I’ve dug a bit through the config files (specifically / userman.po found in /var/www/html/admin/modules/userman/i18n/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/), but even if you add certain translations to the userman.po, they aren’t respected by the system. Probably because they’re not configured in the

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