Custom Destination Hangup Cause Question

I have a custom destination we use to speak some information to our customers before transferring the caller to our Avaya box to progress. There is a desire to know if this process fails because the transfer to number is formulaic (not static) based on the the dnid. This could lead to a failed transfer without us knowing.

A way to know if there is an issue, I was thinking, was to alert us if the Hang Up Cause is not equal to 16. My problem with that is I wont know the Hang Up Cause until after the transfer (and script) are finished.

Any ideas on how I can do something like setup an email if hang up cause <> 16? OR does anyone have an alternative ideas to accomplish the same result (alert on failed transfer)?

Can you post the logs indicating the failure?

Add a hangup hander the channel which checks hangup cause and sends notifications. See the part of this post about “How do I perform a custom action on hangup?” for basic concept.

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@lgaetz will this work if I am using the asterisk transfer command to move the call back to Avaya?

The hangup handler would be attached to the asterisk channel and will reflect the hangup status for that channel. I don’t know if you could work with that or not.

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As I recall it transfer failures are indicated by a specific channel variable and the lack of a hangup, not by a specific type of hangup. In any case SIP hangups on established calls aren’t required to provide a reason code. (Transfers on unanswered calls are final; any failure is only signalled to the transferee.)

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