Cumulative Total of remote clients - Am I missing something?

I have searched but what I find goes to a wiki that doesn’t load in any browser…

What does “Cumulative Total of remote clients” actually mean. Are they active connections or just ones that have tried?

I have had this number greater than 600 and my system stopped working… After a reboot everything went back to normal. Sadly only for a few days. I have found rebooting daily helps. Does anyone reboot daily for this reason?

I am certain I am missing something - I just don’t know what it is.

If those connections are valid then, sorry I do not have any suggestions. If they are not valid then please block them. I have my installation setup a bit in the wild. This means I continuously monitor those connections. When the count is higher than zero I run this command. cat /proc/net/xt_recent/SIGNALLING Kindly provided to me in another post.

This will list all of the recent remote clients. Then I lookup those ip’s subnets using an ARIN lookup from (small plug - great free tools). Once I find the ip subnet that information goes into the blacklist tab for the firewall under connections. Not ideal but our firewall is already slated to be replaced. Just waiting and waiting now. So in the meantime I get to be more administrative.