Creating multiple 'system recording' leads to overwrite previous audio file!


I need to upload 2 differents announcements for my business purposes.

To do that, i added 2 new records ( Add recordings ) from ‘Admin’ → ‘System Recordings’
The issue i’m facing is when i upload tan audio file from "Upload Recording " tab, i indeed get a green window and the file goes to “File List for French” ( french language is set in config, that’s normal )

The file is automaticaly named " custom "

If i save this new recording, the audio file stored for previous ‘system recordings’ get all overwritten and all recordings are going to play the latest file uploaded.

I though i could be possible to let the user name the audio file differently or been able to add a patch.
This situation lead all files are stored as “custom” and all system recording play the same file !

Is there a way to avoid that , maybe i did something wrong ?

Many thanks for your help,

Actually not. The filename is “custom/” there is no filename.

Should we normally enter a filename after custom/ ?

That fied looks not being editable.

It’s obtained from the file you uploaded. I assume your file has many no ASCII characters

You are right that was the issue, i reduced file name and remove non ascii characters and now it works as expected.

Many thanks,

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