Create Generic Trunk, IP Address Different Based On Dial Pattern

I took a look around the forums, not sure if something similar has been asked (forgive me if it has).

In our school district, we have 26 schools, each with their own TelecenterU intercom controller that has an IP address. I have an outbound route set up with a dial pattern:


I don’t want to have to create 26 trunks with their own SIP server IP address. Ideally I would like it so I only have to have one trunk created that will set the SIP server IP address based on what comes after #88. For example #885201 would hit School A’s intercom controller, while #885401 would hit School B’s, etc.

Is there a straightforward way to do that? I’d imagine I could reference a CSV file like


and so on.

If I do that, how could I pass the correct controller’s IP address to the SIP server field in the TelecenterU trunk?

Not so much a csv, but creating and using a family in sqlite3’s astdb could be referential

You are still going to have to create 26 type=identify sections to handle inwards traffic reasonably securely, and you will lose the qualify features, at least. As such I don’t think it is a good idea.

This is a case where a GUI actually gets in the way, as you could generate the configuration algorithmically with pure .conf files.

Thanks, I will play around and see if I can get something working.

The intercoms aren’t used a whole lot, I don’t think (at least not as far as the PBX is concerned - it’s used for bells and lockdowns, but those are all functions of the intercom controller). At most probably gets used once a day at each school, probably several concurrently as they do their morning announcements around the same time.

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