Create custom FreePBX ISO using Centos 7

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(Andrew) #1

Hello all,

I would like to create a custom FreePBX ISO image based on Centos 7. Basically, installing the ISO image should install asterisk/freepbx automatically.

It would be very helpful if someone shares any pointers related to this.


(Itzik) #2

The official FreePBX ISO is CentOS 7

(Lorne Gaetz) #3

Both FreePBX Distro versions running 14 and 15 are based on Centos 7. The work is done for you

(Andrew) #4

Thanks @PitzKey and @lgaetz for the response.

Sorry if am not clear anywhere. Actually, I need to create my own customized FreePBX ISO for my project with minimal packages and include some custom AGI scripts. I don’t want use the FreePBX Distro for this specific project :slight_smile:

Any idea/suggestions for this?

Kind Regards,

(TheJames) #5

The distro itself is not GPL. You would have to create an original work based off of EL following their guidelines. The distro actually has to repackage a bunch of things, maintain a repo and remove the CentOS/RHEL trademarks where used.

Your best bet would be to build a script to run after you install.