Create and manage extension from other application

Hi everyone,

My primary need is need to create and manage extension from other application(Which is run on the Windows PC) and the FreePBX is run on the Linux.

I had installed FreePBX version on Cent OS 7. I had installed through iso file

Is there any way to create and list and edit extension ? Any third party app / plugin is needed to do that ?

Is FreePBX needs any commercial modules to achieve this?

Not that I’m aware of. Writing one would be reasonably trivial. Create a database/spreadsheet with your extension information in it and export the data to the Bulk Handler. You can then run the bulk handler through the AMI interface.

Once again, there’s nothing that I’m aware of. You can get the information through the Asterisk CLI interface by querying the Database command, or you can use the Bulk Handler and export the Extensions data to a CSV file.

Even if there was, it wouldn’t be a Windows Application. It would be a browser application, so it wouldn’t meet your first requirement.

@cynjut Thanks for your response. I just expect like a web service request or TCP or UDP .

From the remote PC I want to create and modify Extensions.

can you give sample command to add extension through CLI command.

I don’t remember the example from a few days ago, but search “bulk handler” in the forums and there should be an example from last week where someone showed how to do a bulk add from the Asterisk CLI.

Get List of Extension or Create Extension through REST API is the example I was thinking of

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