Create a sip trunk for Lync / Skype for business lab environment

I want to learn Lync /Skype for business enterprise voice.
I want to follow along the nuggets but I need to make a sip trunk for Skype for business /Lync.

Is it Possible to create a sip trunk in freepbx?

Any good guides following which I can setup my Lync lab?

I just need a trunk for sfb/Lync and few voip phones to test the functionality.

I have tried to follow this guide

But I m seem to have been stuck.
Firstly I configured three extensions and when I configured in soft phone they all configured.

But I can call from one extension to other but not vice versa.
Also in the article where it configures the extension it says to assign port 5060… But then in advanced sip settings the article mentions to changes to port to 5061. Doing so my soft phones do not get registered.

I haven’t followed the remaining instructions yet as I expect to that soft phones would work first.

My lab environment consists of a latest freepbx in hyper v. One soft phone client is installed on the hypervisor itself. Second client is installed on a vm in hyper V. All are on same subnet.

I checked sip show up peers the extension configured in vm was registered with my live public ip. That’s strange. And I wasn’t able to call from that extension to other extension configured in the zoiper on hypervisor itself…


Hi I resolved my issue. I had entered wrong ip in my Lync server