Could not open socket to "": Connection refused (111)

On pbxact running 12.7.5-1807-1.sng7 and on another system pn PBXact 10.13.66-21 I forgot the User Manager password for a user So I reset it and promptly get the Whoops! There was an error. WebSocket \ ConnectionException
Could not open socket to “”: Connection refused (111).

    if ($this->socket === false) {
      throw new ConnectionException(
        "Could not open socket to \"$host:$port\": $errstr ($errno)."

I did run updates on both systems. The older system on 10.13.66-21 had a bunch of updates. The dashboard says Zulu Daemon is not running. I went into Zulu and clicked reset Zulu, but it still shows server status: Not Running. Whats the next step?


Please try upgrading zulu to the latest edge version.

That worked on pbxact 13, but not on 14.

PBXact is pinned. You won’t be able to get this release until it is more stable (not in edge)

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