Convert a SIP Extension to a Virtual Extension

I have a user that has semi-retired.
He’ll no longer need a desk phone, just access to voicemail.
He doesn’t want calls to follow him. Just hit voicemail and he’ll check the voicemail from the outside.

To me this sounded like a job for changing the SIP extension to a Virtual Extension.

Is it still the case that the only way to accomplish this feat is by using the bulk extensions (now bulk handler) module ala this post from two years ago:



Why change it at all. Forward his voicemails to his email and save him time from even having to call in to retrieve them.

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This is easily done in MySQL, if you’re comfortable with that:

DELETE FROM devices WHERE id = 1234;
DELETE FROM sip WHERE id = 1234;

This will leave the entry in the users table, and it will be considered a virtual extension.

It’s always a good idea to remove possible attack vectors from your system, every unused SIP extension is absolutely one such vector.

Good point @miken32 … I was assuming that his sever was behind a firewall and not accessible via the internet. I should not assume that though.