Conversion error from Elastix to Freepbx

I installed Freepbx (Version on a new machine in order to migrate Elastix 2.4 but the conversion tool stops at the reserving a conversion slot on the Freepbx machine.

Checking that ‘curl’ exists … OK!
Validating sha256 integrity … OK!
Trying to download converter to /tmp/tmp.ktkwY1VJoE … Complete!
Validating download … OK!
Starting FreePBX Converter version release/20171122r1
Testing connectivity to Conversion server…Success!

FreePBX Conversion Wizard

The FreePBX Conversion Wizard needs to be run on two machines, firstly on the
NEW machine, which must be an ACTIVATED FreePBX Distro machine, and then it
must be run on the DONOR machine.
The DONOR machine is the machine that is currently processing calls, and is
the machine that will be migrated to the NEW machine. No changes will be made
to the DONOR machine, and this script will not stop or restart any services
that may cause an outage.
If this is the NEW machine, just push ‘Enter’ to prepare this machine

Enter Conversion ID (leave blank if this is NEW):
Testing FreePBX functionality … Success! (Version
Getting Deployment …
Getting all Module versions (for conversion) … OK
Reserving a conversion slot … Error!
Unable to reserve a slot. Please try again.

Cleaning up…Done!

I found the root cause. I had to configure the local squid server at us for Donor and the new Server to accept the response Html format from

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