Control call routing

I am having 2 VoIP trunks configured in my FreePBX
Call trunk A and B from 2 different providers.
Trunk A was configured a while before trunk B.
Outgoing calls have always been routed through trunk A.
How do I configure outgoing call to now 1st try to route over trunk B then if unsuccessfully, route to trunk A?

Thank you.

Include both trunks in the outbound route.

You can drag the trunks to change the order to give preference.

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@gw22, thank you for the quick respond. I am going to try this in a a few moment. But how can I set it up so that outgoing calls will automatically be routed to the other trunk if fail at the 1st trunk?

If one fails, it should automatically go to the next option

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I was able to set the priority for trunk B over trunk A by dragging the trunk B onto before trunk A.
What about the Trunk Sequence for Matched Routes?

You can read the FreePBX wiki on this:

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