Continuing the discussion from [Grandstream to FreePBX Distro : Inbound Problem]

Continuing the discussion from Grandstream to FreePBX Distro : Inbound Problem:

I have a working GXW4104. My current configuration is as follow:

Outbound Routes

Inbound Routes

In the GXW4104 or GXW4108


Leave ALL BLANK here, because We are configurating the GXW410x as a PEER and not with a SIP account.

Channel Setting


Check With this configuration, Use a softphone to test (zoiper or xlite for example).

Hope this help, this took me 15 minutes of my life jaja.
Greetings from Chile!!

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To solve your issues quick, just do an ANY inbound route (by removing that 6000 in your inbound route DID value).

I am guessing the GW doesnt send the correct “DID” over.

You can also paste up some logs of both calls and we can see whats being sent.

Saludos, trato de configurar gateway 4104 como indicas pero no logro que entren las llamadas, si fueras tan amable de enviarme la configuracion del gateway e configuracion trunk e salida del freepbx, gracias.