Context for extensions 16.0.26


have a context for sip trunks coming from cucm. they are hitting an extension going to VM however I cannot add the context to the extension so it is failing.

context is configured in extensions_custom.conf and on the sip trunk. looks like the ability to add a context to an extension no longer exists ?

You need to provide concrete details of your configuration. I can’t really work out what you have done, but I suspect you don’t fully understand contexts.

By concrete details, I mean the relevant parts of custom .conf files, and screen shots of trunk, route, extension, etc. screens you configured for this in the GUI.

on the trunk setup , the context can be configured. see below. however, I cannot find a way to configure a context for an extension. we try to keep context on trunks to only allow specific calls to extensions.

What type of extension? The field is there to edit for PJSIP

my bad. new to this platform. was looking in regular extensions and virtual extensions. appreciate the help.

another q, same kind of thing. attempt to make the same type of inbound calls via the trunks on the [CiscoVM] context route to a conference.

I have DID pointed to trunk that sends call to FreePBX and an inbound route configured that has a set destination to conference. when dialed log file shows that call is rejected based on extension not found in the context that the trunk from cisco use.

summary- is there way to place context on inbound route

Inbound routes are only used if the context is set to from-trunk or from-pstn.

working now. i moved the trunks into from-trunk context. thank you

last q- we currently are using sep asterisk box for cisco cm to VM (as unity replacement). before i try to reinvent the wheel on freepbx, if it possible to have freepbx accept vm from cucm and activate mwi ?

if so, anyone have any docs

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