Consistent/reproduceable system issues with lastest SNG7 distro

Greetings. I have been working with the version14 distro since RC1. And since then through the release version I have the same issues.

Everything will run just fine (again Distro SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1706-1 and asterisk v13) until I activate the system and change the hostname via the sysadmin module. I normally change the timezone at the same time so it could be related to that as well.

What happens is I will reboot the system so those changes will take effect and this is what happens:

–I get this error on the CLI
Error From Module FreePBX\modules\Sysadmin: ‘mkdir(): Permission denied’

–Asterisk will take 5-6mins to start
–The system will become unstable and seemingly fall off the network (loss of connectivity) right itself for some period of time and then do it all again. This is a slow cycle, it will be fine for hours, lose connectivity for hours and so on.
–I cannot seem to find anything related in any log file but my eye is not as well experiences as some of you here

Since I have seen this through close to 10 systems I feel like I can reproduce it at all.

Any help/suggestions/thoughts would be greatly appreciated. If anyone needs further detail about some part of this just let me know.

Install and enable sysstat to get the 40000 foot view of your system.

Looks like it is just part of the distro. I am unfamiliar with that tool. What info out of it would you like to see from it?


Anytime I sign into the cli post reboot after using sysadmin to change the hostname and time zone.

man systat


man sar

(these are the basic FM’s, you will need to read both then google the supplementary FM’s as to best use)

but basically sar provides an historical overview of your machines usage with a ten minute granularity, you will quickly see whether your system is CPU bound, io bound or memory bound when and if your system seems to be stressed, even if not stressed, it will fore-warn of such burgeoning conditions.

OK I will do that and report back. Here is more detail as well

  • after a few hours of the first event the system will fall off the network, after sometime it will come back then fall of again
  • other monitoring of the systems show nominal cpu/mem/disk/network usage
  • a reboot or reset will bring it back but only for a limited time until there is trouble again
  • I have a functioning v14 system (has been running fine for several days) but I have not utilized
    the sysadmin module on it

fwconsole motd --verbose

This will show us the error.

After about the 5th reboot (due to connectivity loses) that error has gone away. Or to this point. I am going to watch to see if the system acts any differently or if it comes back.

sar output attached… (2.4 KB)

sorry the .
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Sorry, it is actually just a zip I added tgz to.

My mistake I should have mentioned that upfront. Anyway, just pull off the tgz and utilize it as a zip file and it will work fine. Thank You.

Just an update. Even though I am not seeing the error in the cli the system continues to cycle between on network and off.

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sar_output.tgz (2.4 KB)