Connecting FreePBX node-red (AMI)

My AMI node isn’t connecting to FreePBX (it keeps saying disconnected). I followed the instruction from the video part 1. I did everything the same and it won’t work. Can someone please help me?

Any Asterisk Logs? try to find disconnection time shows why in a log and past here.

Thank you for your reply. I can’t find any disconnections or any disturbing logfiles about the asterisk manager. Only logs about reloading the manager modules

Hi @randy5 You should have some log or Error Messages at Asterisk side?
Try to find and see 1st Port 5038 is open or not at Linux CLI side netstat -ntlup | grep 5038?
Then check logs side grep AMI Fail freepbx*

From a shell

rasterisk -x 'manager show users'
rasterisk -x 'manager show user {whoever}'
rasterisk -x 'manager show connected'

I see the user, but I don’t see it at connected

The port is open. Maybe the error is on the node red side

no guessing allowed, post it
account acl?

the port is open to whom? (post it)

Is it this?


It’s working now. Thank you!!!


I did it and that works correctly.

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