Confirm settings

Hello All,

I just want to make sure I don’t edit something by hand that I should be configuring through the WebUI.

There are certain things on trixbox we had to configure by hand, but it seems freepbx ( 2.9 ) has many more options within the WebUI.

  1. Should I set the internal network range and external ip address in sip.conf command line, or did I miss the option within all the WebUI settings?
  2. To have Fpbx relay to my internal mail server, is there a gui option( didnt see one ) or do it by hand in the postfix config?

Any other settings I might be missing that I should be configuring by hand??


You hand set postfix for now.

The Sip Settings are all done in the Asterisk Sip Setting module.

Is it safe to update things from Yum?
In trixbox that kicked us in the u know where before.
Just installed fresh from ISO distro did a yum --check-updates and found:
asterisk18.i386 pbx
asterisk18-addons.i386 pbx
asterisk18-addons-bluetooth.i386 pbx
asterisk18-addons-core.i386 pbx
asterisk18-addons-mysql.i386 pbx
asterisk18-addons-ooh323.i386 pbx
asterisk18-app_flite.i386 0.6-2 pbx
asterisk18-core.i386 pbx
asterisk18-curl.i386 pbx
asterisk18-dahdi.i386 pbx
asterisk18-voicemail.i386 pbx
freepbx.noarch 2.9.0-beta6 pbx
gdb.i386 7.0.1-23.el5_5.2 updates

when I look in the module admin, it says all are up to date.