Configuring TEO IP Phone 7810 TSG Series

We are planning to deploy Asterisk/FreePBX in one of our secure facilities. The facility requires TSG-6 compliant phones (positive disconnect, speaker disabled, etc.). The model I’ve been asked to evaluate is the TEO IP Phone 7810 series. This is not a major commercial brand, so FreePBX has no templates for it in the Endpoint Manager. TEO’s web site says that the model has been tested in Asterisk and will work, but I’m stumped as to how to set it up. When I connect the phone, it picks up an IP address from the FreePBX server, but that’s all it does. I can’t figure out how to get it to register with the PBX itself. Has anyone ever had any experience with these phones in an Asterisk environment?

There should be an administrator’s guide that talks about loading the phone’s initial configuration using one of [HTTP;HTTPD;TFTP]. In there, you should find a description of what the phone’s configuration file should look like.

The manual I found for the phone at goes into a great deal of detail, including configuring the phone from the phone menu and the proper settings for the DHCP server.

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