Configuring asterisknow using command line

Is it possible to configure AsteriskNow + FreePBX (i.e. the ISO install off from command line?I have done that to Asterisk before but am a bit confused of what/where I need to configure asterisknow (and how it differs form garden-variety asterisk). For instance, one thing I noticed is that in asterisknow /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf is split in /etc/asterisk/ and /etc/asterisk/ (of course this could be due to me running asterisk 1.8.X in the garden-variety install but you get the point).
Also, I was told adding freepbx to the mixture, as the asterisknow iso provides, might make things a bit interesting.

I did ask this in the asterisknow part of the asterisk forum, but as seen in, I was told this is a freepbx question.

For the most part when you choose to use a GUI to configure Asterisk you relinquish control of the Asterisk config files over to the GUI. The configs are built based on info contained in databases so editing them directly is not going to work siince the configs are rebuilt when the databases are updated.

there are files that you can edit by hand if you need custom configurations. There are also some thing that can be done from the command line.

The AsteriskNow distro is based on FreePBX but I recommend that you look at using a real FreePBX distro since it will be better supported.