Configure Busy Lamp Fields in Freepbx

We have a FreePBX12 installation with Asterisk 11. We are looking to setup BLF on either a Cisco or Grandstream phone with an expansion module. This is so reception can see which extensions are busy. The configuration on the phone side looks straightforward. However, I can’t find any guidance on what configuration is required in the FreePBX GUI to enable BLF. Does anything need to be configured in Freepbx to enable BLF?


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No. It works out of the box

Thanks tm1000. Good to know.

@hawtindj, it works out of the box. But I feel obliged to let you know that I am experiencing unusually high bandwidth utilization between the Grandstream 2160 (with the 24 BLF button bank built-in) endpoints and the FPBX server. I have about 25 stations connected to a remote server and each phone sucks up about 25Kbps while doing nothing and spikes to about 35kbps at regular intervals. This is with NO calls in progress. The server is seeing this traffic as well. after a while, the server starts queuing the BLF notifies and they randomly don’t reach the endpoint which puts it out of sync. I am still trying to resolve this but I thought this might be important depending on what you are attempting to do.


Then… in Settings --> Advanced settings, under Camp-On Module What does

BLF Camp-On Available State
BLF Camp-On Pending State
BLF Camp-On Busy Caller State
BLF Camp-On Recalling State

Stands for?

I thought that I can manage BLF here…


BLF is a generic term. Camp-On is a rarely used feature. If you hover over the (?) for those options it will describe in detail what they are for.

However if by BLF you mean something like extension monitoring then that has nothing to do with Camp-On.