Configuration Asterisk with gateway VOIP. Receiving calls from the PSTN through voip-gateway


I have Asterisk 11 with FreePBX and voip gateway DVG-7022S.
Asterisk has two extensions 100 and 7. 100 - sip-phone. 7 - FXO-line voip-gateway.

How should you configure FreePBX, so that incoming calls to the FXO gateway line unconditionally and without dialing number redirected to extension 100?

Igor Stepanenko.

Not clear what you want to achieve here.
Need to rephrase.


  1. incoming to the FXO port gateway a call redirect to a telephone registered as extension

with number 100.
2) need to redirect the call is transparent to the caller, that is, the caller does not

have to know that it redirected to another number/extension.

It’s all in the wiki, you should read it.

I configured the same way as described here http ://


  1. I receive from Asterisk the message “Undefined Number”.

Then I suggest you do it over, with care, and be aware that your hardware is not the same as the post you followed. The “Undefined Number” bit means that what is coming from your gateway is “undefined” in your server setup, you will have to improvise on that and make sure you have an inbound route that matches what your gateway is sending.

As ever, posting a “call log” might help you.