Conference Recordings

I’m experiencing a similar issue to many users all the way back to 2013. When I have a conference it refuses to record!

I have looked in to the Dahdi issue and installed everything, and log/asterisk/full shows that it is attempting to record the conference, but no errors show up, just the path.

Any ideas? I’m using the latest FreePBX, I’ve had this issue on FreePBX 12 and 13. My installation was with the FreePBX 11 Distro ISO.

pbxCLI> dahdi show channels
Chan Extension Context Language MOH Interpret Blocked In Service Description
pseudo default default Yes nb
pseudo default default Yes
pseudo default default Yes

All other call recordings work on my instance and the directory where the conference call is attempting to save to exists already.

To record a conference room call you need to set the option in conference room to record. It’s the only place you can control call recordings for a conference room.

Yes, I know. I have that already set for all of my conference rooms on my deployment. None of them work.

I found out the Dahdi issue because of the Dahdi error in my logs originally.

It looks like you are trying to use app_meetme for your conference rooms which is outdated. You should be using app_conf. You can change this in advanced settings in FreePBX.

Thanks! That is the issue.

I appreciate your help, I didn’t see that answer elsewhere prior to creating this thread.