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Hello everyone, I need the help of the community to find a practical and functional solution, and that is easy to use. By now you know that I’m usually asking for information on audio conferences, because that’s what I do. Also in this case it is a matter of audio-conferencing, but the connected ones are in very distant locations and connect the individual components in a conference room of a company equipped with a switchboard where the distro Free PBX and asterisk now has been loaded.
The solution I’m looking for is related to those outside the company. During the conference they have to be spectators, and they have the microphone set to “mute on joint”, but in case they want to take the floor to add a thought or expand the speech with a sudden comment, the person in charge of the acoustic system that manages even the fop2 can not know it. So either the interventions are organized first or they are not done.
The question is: Is there a way to communicate to whom manages the connected when a person wants to add a comment?
Let me explain: The customers who participate in the conference must communicate their desire to ask a question during the conference, can with a combination of keys reserve the comment to the person who manages the microphones during the conference?

For this application, I recommend using a commercial conference service. Most have the concept of a Question and Answer queue. Users with a question or comment press a DTMF key sequence and are added to the queue. The moderator can select from the queue in order, or by the user’s name or number. The user is unmuted to comment or ask his question and is muted again when finished. is a typical setup. This service is free and has access numbers in many cities (Turin is likely closest to you). Though they no longer support SIP access, they have free mobile apps and access by WebRTC.

If this doesn’t meet your needs, check . You can test on their free tier (calling a US number or using their app, limited to 10 participants). If you like it, a paid account including Italy access numbers costs $15 per month or $120 per year.

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