Commercial Endpoint Manager - Speeddial spams the logs on Polycom

Hi All, Using the Commercial Endpoint Manager with Polycom VVX Phones. When I setup SpeedDial entries, my logs get spammed with entries similar to:

[2021-10-11 16:57:59] NOTICE[14381]: res_pjsip_exten_state.c:418 new_subscribe: Endpoint ‘xxx’ state subscription failed: Extension ‘1xxxxxxxxxx’ does not exist in context ‘from-internal’ or has no associated hint
<— Transmitting SIP response (379 bytes) to —>
SIP/2.0 404 Not Found

How can I suppress them? I know if they were BLF or BLF, it should do that, but I don’t understand why it’s doing that on SpeedDial.

I don’t use EPM but based on that it is not setting up Speeddials correctly the way Polycom likes to see them setup. It looks like they are actually showing up as BLF, which functionally will work the same way but it will try to subscribe to a state for each one.

For Polycom, speeddials have to be specified in a mac-directory.cfg file in order to be properly setup. You can open a ticket with Sangoma since it’s a commercial module but I suspect what they will tell you is that Polycom has decided not to work with them on supporting EPM.

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