Command to show incoming calls

What is the command to monitor what asterisk is doing when you are logged into SSH

I am trying to see the details of a call that is coming in. I want to be able to see stuff like which time condition it went through, the IVR, caller ID, etc.


You can type

rasterisk -rvv

To connect to the asterisk CLI console. At that prompt you will see live activity scroll by. A couple useful commands to get you started are:

sip show channels

To show current connect calls if they are SIP endpoints or trunks.

You can safely use exit or quit commands to exit the asterisk CLI and leave asterisk running in the background. There are many other commands that can find in the asterisk documentation.

I needed to set the verbose to 100

asterisk -r
core set verbose 100

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If you’re looking for a specific call you can always go into the log (/var/log/asterisk/full) and look it up, or else do a grep on that file for the call ID and output it to another file.