CNAM solutions?

Our usual list of CNAM providers seems to have gone dead.

What do you use? We don’t mind paying as long as it’s effective. I added Twilio but it’s doing a very poor job at retrieving names.

Worth a try: OpenCNAM still works; email them to sign up

I still use them.

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Do they work well? Just the nature of our business I don’t mind spending extra on a better solution.

I use and like OpenCNAM also.

Curious to see other recommendations myself though, for when/if OpenCNAM is dropped.

Yes, as well as any. They are no “small fry” and their acquisition by Neustar seems to indicate that they are well regarded as a telco data service. As for alternatives, I’m curious why you don’t simply use CNAM from your telco.

Because I don’t want to pay per call. Which is how providers charge. I prefer to cache CNAM because of highly repetitive call patterns at many sites. has good pricing and the lookups are normally accurate

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I’ve started using BulkVS - great pricing and haven’t heard any complaints.

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We’ve been using OpenCNAM for 4 years and up until June they returned the rate center instead of WIRELESS CALLER if there was no name.

We now get WIRELESS [EXPLETIVE (mine)] CALLER if there is no name which aggravates me to no end because it’s not like they couldn’t keep returning the geographical location for the rate center (Unless someone knows of some obscure legal change that disallowed that). I’m guessing that the change happened when neustar took over but I wasn’t paying enough attention to know exactly when the logo changed. in 2015 neustar was claiming to have the best data Good CNAM provider for cell phone callers?.

When 4 out of 10 calls return WIRELESS CALLER and 5 of the others are returning lookups from our internal customer DB and not even querying a CNAM DB I get cranky. I may try BulkVS as even if they return Wireless Caller they don’t have the stain of formerly returning reasonable data.


Interesting; I see the same. Their documentation says you should be able to specify “mobile=location” as a query parameter, but it doesn’t work.

@billsimon The date on page 2 of that pdf is January of 2020 it probably worked then.

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